Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Doyenne of Doilies

My resolutions for 2017 are very ambitious. And deadly serious. I have resolved to try as many new cookie recipes as I can. I know, hard work. What can I say, I'm a cookie warrior! And this project begins, as so many, by me staring at the refrigerator and wondering how I'm going to use up left-overs. In particular, two bags of dried cranberries and a jar of homemade cranberry sauce, abandoned in the aftermath of Christmas. A little online research, and I settled on Soft and Chewy Vanilla-Orange Cranberry Cookies, courtesy of Arthur Flour. 

Unlike most of my kitchen adventures, this went very smoothly. I used pistachios instead of walnuts, and I have to say, these would make fantastic Christmas cookies, with red ornaments of cranberry and little flecks of green pistachio. I also tripled the vanilla extract...because I am incapable of restraining myself when it comes to vanilla. The recipe says that you should cook a scant 6 to 7 minutes, and they aren't kidding. These cook up quickly, and if you go over by a minute, you have scorched bricks. 

I was overly crafty and tried one batch with a thumbprint impression and dollop of cranberry sauce. And they were quite tasty. But they look like they've suffered gunshot wounds. Perhaps something for Halloween!

All told, a fine cookie. Refined pistachio, bright orange, and tart cranberry. We had quite a nice tea with them!

Please do note the dual-spouted teapot (a Christmas gift) and also the crochet doilies underneath. I have gone on a crochet jag this week, and experimented with making tea doilies and tea cozies and such things.

In fact, I have doilies beginning to stack up all around my room, looking like brightly colored stacks of pancakes. I've resisted the urge to pour on maple syrup! My friend asked what I'd been up to, and I said, "I've been doilying." She said, "Don't dally doilying." I said, "I'm the Doyenne of Doilies!"
And that, I think, is that.

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