Sunday, March 5, 2017

Purple Party at Apiary Ciderworks & Meadery

I love a party. Especially a theme party. So why not a purple party in honor of the First Lady of Frosting's birthday? Purple balloons, purple cake, and purple costumes, of course. The folks at the Apiary were dolls about accommodating a roving hoard of purplish things. One of the neat features of the Apiary is that it inhabits an industrial space in Carpinteria. With a little love, it has been transformed into a farmhouse vibe.

As there is no kitchen, you are invited to bring your own food or even have dinner delivered. What bar do you know that has a pizza phone?

My contribution to the evening was crostini (see previous blog post for recipe).

With nibbles set, the remaining task of the night was to pick the beverages. And boy oh boy, they do mead and cider right!

They started the birthday girl off right with a glass of jun mead with a float of elder flowers. Sweet, floral, and deliciously purple! Fermented sage honey fermented with jasmine green tea. You cannot go wrong in ordering this by the bucketful.

But I am a foodie for the people, and I knew you, my readers, would need to know how the other varieties ranked. So I went for a flight of six.

My absolute favorite was the orange blossom cider, which tastes as you might expect anything originating with orange blossoms to taste: like sweet, sweet manna from heaven. I could drink this all night!

I was warned against anything that listed avocado honey as an ingredient, and perhaps I should've listened. The only bad apple in the bunch, if you'll forgive the phrase, was the Hopacado, of avocado blossom honey and "mystery hops." The quantity and quality of facial expressions that resulted from its tasting were worth the price of admission, however. And glasses of the aromatic Damiana and cheeky Avec un Singe more than made up for it.

You might think that a little brewery out in Carpinteria might suffer for customers. Perhaps their secret to success is limited hours of operation, but the purple party was far from being the only customer, and it was jolly and packed on a Saturday night. Add in a little birthday cake, and you are ready to go. I highly recommend the Apiary for a unique, delicious food adventure that will take you a little off the beaten path.

Visit the Apiary here.
For more fun shenanigans, visit the First Lady of Frosting here.

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