Saturday, December 2, 2017

NaNo WriMo: Done and Doner!

The holidays always bring a certain kind of stress. You're cooking things you don't normally cook, hanging out with relatives you don't normally hang out with. Possibly you are hiding from relatives that you refuse to hang out with at all. There is the expectation of what the day should be, the reality of what it is, and then the mixed feelings when it's gone. Somehow, one little dinner manages to take up a week of preparation and then a week to recover. It's not necessarily convenient to say, "Um, excuse me. Y'all keep fighting over the drumsticks. I'm going to my room to write; I have to reach my word count today."

I personally got very little written the week of Thanksgiving. But we did have a Friendsgiving on the Sunday after T-day. We brought our leftovers and laptops and did writing sprints, then sat down to a nice dinner together. I managed to write 50,000 words in the first two weeks of NaNo, and then only 12,000 in the two weeks after that. So I ended November with 62,000 words, or 2/3 of a rough draft. This confirms my hope that with a detailed outline, I can write at a fair clip. But it also tells me that life sometimes gets in the way of writing goals, and that's okay. The trick is to keep going. Because novel writing is an endurance sport not a sprint. NaNo gives you the title of "winner" if you write 50k words in November.  I think anyone who opens their laptop and puts some words of a story down is a winner. So whether you sailed through NaNo with a monsoon of words raining down, or you got one chapter done, congratulations to all who participated.

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