Monday, May 28, 2018

Silver Webb Founds the Santa Barbara Literary Journal!

Why have I not posted anything since February, you ask? Well, I went and started a literary journal, that's why. Like a crazy, crazy fool, I jumped in the deep end of the pool and then asked myself "Hmm, how do I swim? Is that a shark fin coming toward me?"

Two-hundred and seven pages later, I made it back to dry land. With my sanity mostly in tact. Mostly. Behold the SB Lit Jo, or Santa Barbara Literary Journal!

Volume 1 is up on Amazon and it is filled to the gills with stories, poems, flash fiction, short plays, memoir, interviews, lyrics, and book reviews. You can visit the website here for interviews and event information. Our submission guidelines are here.

I could cry you a river about the vagaries of being the editrix of SB Lit Jo...just figuring out how to write a rejection letter cost me a quart of tears. But I could also write you a novel on how many amazing people popped up and helped out and made Volume 1 something I'm really proud of.

Curious for more info? Luckily we have our very own press release, authored by Matt Pallamary, here.

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