Saturday, November 17, 2018

A Busy Little Bee!

I've been a busy bee! Please pardon my lack of blog posts here. The truth is, I've been writing a lot, just not blog posts on Silver Webb. But the reasons are all good ones. I've recently started blogging for two companies in Santa Barbara whom I love. And the food writing at Food & Home continues. I had a story published in Volume 1 of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal. My interview "Cartomancy and the Queen of Cups: An Interview with Stephen Vessels" will be featured in Volume 2 of the same journal. I feel really blessed to have these opportunities.

So here's the roll call for writing fun!

I'm pleased to have my short story, "Andromeda Prime," published in Volume 1 of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal, June 2018!

Food & Home Fall 2018 is out, and I'm thrilled to have two pieces in it
~*~ Downtown Dish: The Big Easy Via State Street
~*~And a Few Words About the Sink

This is one of my favorite blog posts for Kanaloa Seafood:

And here is a sweet piece I wrote for Chocolates du Calibressan:
Avocado Truffles! A Visit with chocolatier Jean-Michel Carre, September 2018

And here is an interview I particularly enjoyed writing for sblitjo of singer-songwriter Magali Michaut.

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