I am the founder and editrix of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal, a bi-annual print journal of fiction, poetry, art, and song lyrics. Please visit my journal website at www.santabarbaraliteraryjournal.com.

Freelance Editing

Writing may be my life, but editing is my livelihood! I offer 20 years of experience as a professional editor, available on a freelance basis to help with your writing project. 

How does it work?

Every writer is unique, and each project requires its own style of editing. Some authors need soup-to-nuts analysis of the emotional arc of their characters, the tension of their plot structure, and the scenes that need to be tossed in the garbage bin. Other authors have all those points down; they just require someone to fix the typos, catch inconsistencies, and turn those hyphens into en-dashes. In rare instances, an author will ask me to completely rewrite their manuscript. While some authors simply want a cheerleader to give feedback on their work and encourage them to keep going.

Why does she edit?

Even though I’ve been editing for a while, the thrill of seeing a client’s book sitting on the shelf never grows old. I believe that one of the greatest accomplishments we can have in life is to conceive of a creative project and see it through to completion. I'm honored to help people do that. 

What does she edit?

I have edited everything from romance novels to a work on religious philosophy. Murder mysteries, young adult fiction, literary translations, academic journals, Ph.d. dissertations…all genres are welcomed and promptly dispatched into tip-top shape. If you are looking for an intelligent, unerring eye to help perfect your work, you’ve come to the right place!


Please send me an email. I'd be delighted to have a friendly conversation about your project and how I might assist.

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