I'm pleased to have my short story, "Andromeda Prime," published in Volume 1 of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal, June 2018!
 I am the official blogger at Kanaloa Seafood, and I write news pieces for Calibressan Chocolates.

I also contribute interviews of local authors to sblitjo.com.

Food Writer
I am proud to be a regular contributor to Food & Home, a Santa Barbara magazine with a readership of 22,000. As of  Fall 2016, I am pleased to not only contribute articles, but also have my own column, Downtown Dish!

Fall 2018
~*~ Downtown Dish: The Big Easy Via State Street
~*~And a Few Words About the Sink

Summer 2018
~*~Downtown Dish: A Summertime Feast
~*~Contributor to "On the Cover" Taco reviews

Spring 2018
~*~Downtown Dish: Champagne and Cupcakes

Winter 2018
~*~ Downtown Dish: Chase  Bar & Grill

Fall 2017
~*~ Downtown Dish: A review of La Arcada and Kanaloa Seafood.
~*~ Tri-Tip Heaven. A review of the marvelous restaurant Barbareno.
~*~ Mobile Magic. Wood-fired pizza on wheels!

Summer 2017
~*~ Downtown Dish. An Ode to Reubens and Rattlesnake Bratwursts.

Spring 2017
~*~ Downtown dish. Nectar and a Banquet of Excess.

Winter 2016
~*~Downtown Dish. A beautiful night at Paradise Cafe and Chocolates du Calibressan.
~*~Poke: A Slice of Heaven in a Bowl. In which the fearless reporter tries raw fish five ways to Friday!

Fall 2016 Al Fresco
~*~The Sweet Life: The Magical Chocolates of Calibressan. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Jill and Jean-Michel and learn about the art of chocolate making!
~*~Downtown Dish: A column about my eating adventures. This issue features a foodie jag at Santa Barbara Public Market.

Summer 2016 Latin Sizzle
~*~French Roast: The Art and Science of Perfection. I interviewed Corey Russell, the owner of the Santa Barbara Roasting Company and learned about the complex world of coffee.
~*~Latin Sizzle: A compilation of the best Mexican food in Santa Barbara. I was honored to contribute the pieces on La Playa Azul Cafe, Rose Cafe, El Paseo, Lilly's Taqueria, and Los Arroyos Montecito.

Spring 2016 Spring Fare
~*~Grilled Cheese! Elevated to an Art: I dove in to the amazing cheeses at C'est Cheese, especially their artisinal grilled cheese sandwiches!
~*~Fish Tacos with Heart and Soul: I met the lovely Randee Distraeli, learned about responsible fishing practices, and had some amazing fish tacos!

Winter 2016 Wine Country
~*~Winter Feast: The Inspired Wine Pairings of Julienne's Emma West: I spoke with the amazing Emma West, wine maestra and co-owner of the restaurant Julienne. Unforgettable!

Fall 2015 Chef's Choice
~*~Art Meets Gin and Other Classic Spirits: Where it all began! My first piece, on the Pimms No. 1212, an amazing cocktail at the Good Lion.

Previous Blogs
I began blogging in 2011 as the Boston Bakery Babe, reviewing sweet treats in Boston, garnering 55,000+ visits over the course of four years. You can find ten of my favorite Bakery Babe entries here in Silver's salon.

In 2012, I branched out to blog about Halloween at Our Lady's Oracle. Happily, 25,000 people stopped by to read about my autumn adventures.

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